Pine Richland Aquatics


PRA is a B&R Team and all members are eligible to receive 10% off of their order. This discount can be applied to any items other than the TEAM DESIGNATED warm-ups, bag and cap (if applicable). This discount is available online or in our stores.

PRA is also a Speedo sponsored team. Therefore, members will receive 20% off special items from Speedo. Currently, the Speedo Team Backpack and Team Warm-ups are listed at the 20% off MSRP price.

Speedo Linear_Full Color

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Jennifer at (412)561-7665

Please use the following discount code at checkout:

BANDRTEAM = 10% off entire order

PRA Team Catalog

The following chart was created by the PRA coaching staff:

* Swimmers over 12 should get an Adult Buoy over a Jr Buoy
** JR group should get green strokemakers or red Power Paddles. SR Group should ask the coaching staff what size paddles to buy.
Equipment JR & SR Groups
*Pull Buoy
**Paddles: Strokemakers or Power Paddles
Speedo’s Long Fins


TYR’s Long Fins

Equipment Bag