Robotic Cleaners

Choosing a Robotic Pool Cleaner

How do I choose which machine is right for me?

1st: Decide if you want a floor cleaner only or a machine that will clean the floor and the walls. (We suggest that commercial facilities look at floor cleaners only. Walls should be brushed weekly by a lifeguard or pool attendant.)

2nd: Determine the size of your pool and narrow the search to machines that are sized accordingly.

3rd: Check the slope of your pool and the radius of the pool floor to wall. If there is a large radius or a very steep slope from deep to shallow, steer away from bottom only cleaners as they may not be able to navigate the pool bottom.

4th: Determine how the machine will be used to clean the pool.

If it will be used daily you may want to consider a remote control for quick spot cleaning, otherwise the additional money may not be necessary.

5th:  Narrow the search by the finish of your pool. Tile and vinyl lined pools will need PVA brushes to clean the surface. Concrete and plaster finishes will need rubber brushes or sponges.

6th: If you are still not certain, ask your local warranty center or distributer if they will provide an on-site demonstration or provide a loaner for you to use before you commit to purchasing.

7th: Whenever possible, purchase from a local warranty center or distributer that actually works on these machines so that problems or questions can be addressed in a timely manner by qualified technicians that understand how the machine should operate.

Warranty & Repair Center

B&R Pools and Swim Shop is your authorized master repair and warranty center for Aqua Products, AquaVac Systems (Hayward), Dolphin and Maytronics (Blue Diamond) robotic pool cleaners. We work on both residential and commercial robotic pool cleaners. Our in house repair staff will diagnose, repair and test your robotic pool cleaner in a timely manner to minimize your down time. Loaners are available upon request for a fee.

When sending your robotic pool cleaner in for repair please make sure that all components of the unit are included in the container. This includes the power supply and the remote control (if applicable). Repairs cannot be properly tested unless all parts are present. Please include a description of the problem you are experiencing, a phone number that you can be contacted at, and your return shipping address. Shipping charges are your responsibility even for warranty repairs. If shipping your robotic pool cleaner our address is:

B&R Pools and Swim Shop

1105 Washington Blvd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Attention : Repair Center

*Looking to ask questions and do the work yourself? Email us at

Frequently Asked Maintenance Questions

When do I take my robotic pool cleaner out of the pool once it is done with the cleaning cycle?

Answer: The robotic pool cleaner should stay in the water at least 20 minutes after running to allow it to cool down before it is removed from the water.

When should I buy a new filter bag?

Answer: When the elastic is stretched completely and it does not fit snug around the filter screen.

What is the proper way to remove the robotic pool cleaner from the water?

Answer: Pull GENTLY on the cord when the robotic pool cleaner is by the wall in the shallow end, when handle is accessible grab it to remove from the water. Never tug on the cord or remove the robotic pool cleaner from water by the cord.
How do I prevent the cord from tangling? Answer: After each use reverse the handle direction. If unaware of how to do so refer to the owner’s manual. If cord becomes tangled lay the robotic pool cleaner on pool deck and stretch cord completely out. Let lie in sun for 2 hours and this will help restore the cord to original shape.
How often should I clean out the filter bag/cartridges? Answer: After every single use, or at the minimum once per week. Once you have rinsed out the bag let it dry before reinstalling it in the robotic pool cleaner.
Which filter bag is right for me? Answer: For fine dirt and every day cleaning use the fine mesh bag. For larger debris and leaves use the regular mesh bag.
How often should I take the robotic pool cleaner in for service? Answer: At least once per year have it serviced so wear parts can be evaluated. If robotic pool cleaner is used seasonal, have unit serviced in winter while your local repair center is not as busy.
My robotic pool cleaner is moving but it is not pumping water, why? Answer: Check the impeller by removing the outlet top. Most likely the impeller is clogged with hair or lint or some other debris that is causing it to stick.
Why is my robotic pool cleaner pumping water but not moving? Answer: Could be the tan drive belts are worn, the pulley assembly could be worn, or the drive pin could be broken or missing.
Why is my robotic pool cleaner spinning but not climbing the walls? Answer: Could be worn or loose drive track or brushes, or the bag could be full of debris.
Why does my robotic pool cleaner flip on it’s back while starting to climb the wall? Answer: Pump motor is most likely not working, or the handle is full of water.
What parts are easy to replace on my own? Answer: Brushes, drive tracks, drive belts, bushings, filter bags and side plates are all easy to install on your own. These are all wear parts that should be replaced periodically depending on usage.
If sending my robotic pool cleaner out for service what should I include in the box? Answer: For repairs to be done quickly and effectively you should include the robotic pool cleaner, the power supply, and the remote control if applicable. Without all of these items there is no way for the repair center to be absolutely certain that the machine is correctly operating