Moon Aqua Club

The Moon Aqua Club is a B&R Team and all members are eligible to receive 10% off of their order. This discount can be applied to any items other than the TEAM DESIGNATED suit, warm-ups, bag, and parka. This discount is available online or in our stores.

Moon is also a TYR sponsored team. Therefore, members will receive 20% off special items from TYR. Currently, the TYR Team Backpack, Team Warm-up and Team Parka are listed at the TYR sponsorship rate. This rate is available from now until September 15th, 2017.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Jennifer at (412)561-7665

Please use the following discount code at checkout:

BANDRTEAM = 10% off entire order (please note exceptions listed above)

Moon Team Catalog
Group/Equipment Fins Kickboard Snorkel Paddles Buoy Zoomers
Bronze X X
Silver X X X
Gold X X X X
Junior Team X X X X X X
Senior / Varsity Team X X X X X X